Tuesday, 17 January 2017

May's Calamitous Self-Harm For Britain

If nothing else you have to admire Theresa May's bravado.
Finally she has spelt it out what Brexit will look like and it is no access to the Single Market but maybe remaining a member of the Single Market and removing ourselves from the Customs Union but having a deal to stay in it and absolutely, definitely no longer making contributions to the European Union every year although there could be some European programmes that the UK will contribute to.
All in all it came across as very much 'WE ARE BRITAIN AND WE WANT THIS...if you don't mind awfully and can we still be part of the club if that's okay with you all'.
She even sounded tough when she warned that trying to punish the UK for leaving would be an act of 'calamitous self-harm' for the remaining EU members, yep, all 27 of them.
I would offer very short odds on what Theresa May wants and what the EU offer will be very different things, as they have said countless times, access to the Single Market, the largest on the planet, means accepting free movement of people and paying for the privilege, no deals, take it or leave it.
That Theresa May is now saying we will leave regardless of any deals is beyond delusional, as were those who voted for Brexit, seemingly content to do the equivalent of taking our shop out of the middle of the high street with 500 regular million buyers and relocate it in an out of town retail centre with tens of millions of shoppers.
Why would any country choose to deal with Britain and its 65 million potential customer when it can get a better deal across the channel in Europe with its 500 million potential customers or China's 1.3 billion or India's 1.2 billion.
For all the bravado, the Prime Minister and the 52% who voted for Brexit are the ones undertaking the 'calamitous self-harm' which will become apparent in the two years after Article 50 and the demands May is making now turn out to be so much hot air as the economic implications begin to bite and Britain's influence on all things global shrinks to the lowest it has ever been.

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