Friday, 27 January 2017

Warm UK Welcome Expected For Trump

In some ways you have to fill a bit sorry for Theresa May, British coffers are going to be emptying quickly in the next few years as we stupidly pull away from the European single market and we have a mug President in Donald Trump who is keen to do business with us so despite him being an obnoxious oaf, she had to hold her nose and go and say nice things to the racist and tap him up for some extra trade.
What she didn't need to do was invite the monster over here to our place but she did and he accepted and so at some point this year he will be bringing his tiny little hands and brain this side of the Atlantic. 
Already the arrangements are being made for the demonstration and campaigners are urging people to greet him with 'the biggest protest ever to show he isn't welcome here' when he shows his face and the organisation 'Stand Up To Racism' are coordinating things along with Stop the War, Muslim Association of Britain, People’s Assembly and CND with July 1st penciled in for his arrival.
Last year hundreds of thousands of Britons signed a petition calling for Mr Trump to be banned from coming to the UK triggering a debate in Parliament and a number of MPs in the room spoke in favour of the motion although it was decided that they couldn't actually ban a World Leader.
It was one of his predecessors who has the dubious title of being the recipient of the largest mid-week protest with 200,000 turning out to protest George W Bush who came here in 2003 to meet the Queen but as July 1st is a Saturday, and with six months to organise it, it is a safe bet that Trump will touch down to a less than warm welcome.
Of course, the way he is going he could be forcibly removed from Office before then and it won't matter anyway but we should still prepare just in case. 

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