Monday, 2 January 2017

Facebook Owner Likes God

I have never understood religious folk, not the ones who come to it later in life anyway. The youngsters who are brainwashed by their parents i have sympathy for but what makes an adult ignore all the science facts and reason that actually there is a big man in the sky somewhere who made all this?
That is the route Mark Zuckerberg has taken as he has eschewed his atheist beliefs and now asserts that 'religion is very important'.
Not it isn't but anyway Zuckerberg undertook a religious rebirth over the Christmas period and said that he went through a period where he questioned things but now has refound his religious zeal again although he hasn't given details on what undeniable, verifiable proof he has of the existence of God.
I would say he didn't question things very hard otherwise he couldn't have failed to notice that the whole religion thing is a crock and the God/Jesus story that he just celebrated is a mix-up of stories stolen from other older religions around at the time.
Still, up to him if he wants to dedicate himself to God but he is right about religion being important, those suicide bombers and terrorist attacks all in God's name wouldn't be happening otherwise.

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