Monday, 9 January 2017

Man-Baby v The Actress

Defending himself on Twitter, Donald Trump said he 'would never mock a disabled reporter' not long after he mocked a disabled reporter in response to Meryl Streep criticising the orange faced Presidential elect impression of a disabled reporter during her Golden Globes acceptance speech last night. 
With a paper thin skin, Trump said Streep was 'one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood' and blamed the media for being dishonest over there reporting of him mocking a disabled reporter, which of course, he would never do.
If you put aside that he is an absolute liability about to sail America down the swanee, Trump is going to be golden for reporters and journalists in a way that Obama never was with his child-like temper tantrums every time someone calls him out for being an abusive, bullying idiot.
Sadly, i fear that worse will come and mocking disabled people will be well down the list when historians come to write up the Trump President years.

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Keep Life Simple said...

i don't think he has thin skin. the reason is because i don't think he cares what the critics say or think, he responds, not because of thin skin, but because he just won't take their crap. fighting fire with fire as they say