Thursday, 5 January 2017

Coming Back For Their Weather Balloon

There are many reasons why we are less than amused that Hillary Clinton didn't win the American election but one of the main ones was because she promised to make public the Area 51 files and reveal if we are being watched by little green men or women from other planets. 
As it turned out she didn't win and the weak 'weather balloon' excuse still holds so unless Donald Trump sends out a tweet in the middle of the night spilling the beans, we are still none the wiser. 
What we also don't know is what NASA has called 'Massive Objects' which are hurtling towards Earth which they can't identify.
The NASA scientists think the first of these objects which is set to fly close to Earth this week, is a comet, however they have yet to determine what the other one is, as it isn't set to properly appear until February this year.
They have ruled out it being an asteroid or a comet as it isn't displaying the usual gas cloud around it but although they are baffled by exactly what it is, the objects present course will take it 32 million miles from the Earth and 'is not a threat at present'.
It's the 'at present' bit that is worrying, especially as they don't know what it is but my guess would be an alien probe from some far flung galaxy on it's way to explore our Solar System in a search for life.
It is due to arrive, and hopefully carry on past, on 25 February so may be a good idea to turns the lights out and pretend nobody is home because it may just be coming to claim the 'weather balloon' that it lost in this planets vicinity about 70 years ago.

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