Monday, 23 January 2017

What Trident Missile Mishap Was That Then?

The first World leader to turn up at the White House to meet the new President Trump is our very own Theresa May although she is refusing to say if she will bring up the touchy subject of Trump being touchy around women. 
I assume she will be wearing a cricket box as extra protection but during her interview she did reveal that the subjects that she will mention are the fight against terrorism, trade and NATO and a return trip for the President to come to the UK which should be interesting considering the demonstrations held here at the weekend before he has even done anything Presidential, George W Bush had to invade a couple of countries on trumped up charges before he got that sort of treatment.
Something that certainly won't be discussed is Britain almost accidentally landing a nuclear test missile somewhere in Florida last year or if she knew and covered up the failure before spending £40 billion on the misfiring system.
Four times she answered about having faith in the Trident system when asked about her knowledge of the failed test and then tried to turn the argument around to needing a nuclear deterrent which falls down if you send £40 billion on one that doesn't work properly.
In a move that was once the behaviour of the Soviet Union or North Korea where they won’t admit to things going wrong, the Government wheeled out a spokesman who said: 'The capability and effectiveness of the Trident missile, should we ever need to employ it, is unquestionable' which flies in the face of what we found out this weekend when the face it almost flew into was some retired
pensioner sitting outside his house in Florida.
Still, at least we have a nice demonstration to look forward to when the Orange President turns up if he hasn't been impeached or second amended by then.

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