Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Still Backing The Junior Doctors

If the Governments plan was to allow the junior doctors strikes to happen, therefore reducing accident and emergency cover and forcing the public to wait longer with the resulting anger at the striking doctors, they got it gloriously wrong if the amount of horn blasts the banner wielding doctors received when i strolled past today.     
Why else would the Government turn down the opportunity to cool things down with the trial of the controversial contracts making doctors work 7 days a week for less pay being offered as the British Medical Association suggested last week and stick to their guns of imposing them against the junior doctors will.
Both sides are hitting the media explaining why they have taken this course of action but i know out of a choice between believing a doctor and a politician, the doctor would win everytime.
The Government didn't help their cause by making it appear the strikes was about pay and weekend death rates, especially when it was discovered that the much quoted 'more deaths at weekends' was due to the Government stretching the weekend to include Thursday.  
The fact that the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, co-wrote a book about how to dismantle the NHS and introduce private practice in its place, all means that the junior doctors versus the Government only seems to have one winner and it isn't the ones who also fail to understand the plight of people using food banks or how impossible it is for disabled people to live on reduced benefits or how reducing housing benefit for anyone with a spare bedroom affects people.
The sooner the Conservatives slither away never to be seen again the better.

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