Saturday, 16 April 2016

Wanna Swap PM's Canada?

Of all our former colonies, Canada has always been Britain's favourite child (seal bashing aside) and not only is it a magnificent looking country who refuse to be corrupted by it's mouth neighbour, it may just have the  perfect leader also.
Step forward Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who is not only a very handsome man and former model, but by all accounts is a great dancer who personally went to greet refugees at the airport, is an outspoken feminist and devoted lefty so what's not to like?
Some jealous types may say ok, so he may all of the above but i bet he's as dumb as a post and he was put to the test by a journalist who asked him to explain quantum computing during a visit to a physics research institute in Ontario on Friday.
Trudeau replied: 'Very simply, normal computers work either there's power going through a wire or not. It's one or a zero. They're binary systems. What quantum states allow for is much more complex information to be encoded into a single bit. A regular computer bit is either a one or a zero - on or off - a quantum state can be much more complex than that because, as we know, things can be both particle and wave at the same times, and the uncertainty around quantum states allows us to encode more information into a much smaller computer. So that's what's so exciting about quantum computing'.
He has the brains, the looks, can dance and is finally a leader from across that side of the Atlantic who isn't out to screw everybody over. 
I may well have a new favourite World leader, take care of him Canada and if you want to swap him for David Cameron give us a call. We would throw in George Osborne as well for spares.

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