Sunday, 17 April 2016

Boaty McBoatface Would Be A Great Name

Some are calling it the greatest test of democracy in modern times. No, Not the EU referendum but the naming of the  Natural Environment Research Council new research ship.
The NERC threw the naming of their new ship over to the public and the polls have closed and the Research Council have confirmed that the votes were overwhelmingly in favour of RRS Boaty McBoatface which received four four times more votes than the second placed name, RRS Poppy Mai.
The NERC have said that they will now review all the names put forward and have previously put out a warning that the final decision will be made by the chief executive of the NERC, Duncan Wingham.
Now the NERC face the dilemma of choosing between the overwhelming choice of the public who they asked to name it and the public spoke or throw Democracy in the bin and dismiss the public and name it something proper which makes a mockery of them asking the public to name it in the first place.
Personally i think RSS Boaty McBoatface would be great not only for publicity when it launches which would make it easily the most famous boat in Britain but it would also generate some amazing publicity and interest in what it is actually doing.  
The other two NERC boats are called RRS James Cook and RRS Discovery and who has ever heard of them so having one RRS Boaty McBoatface would be a massive bonus as whenever it is on the news, everyone will know exactly what it is and what it is doing

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