Monday, 18 April 2016

Green Moon April 20th

The best myths are those that sound as if they could be plausible so i have been asked if the Moon will really be turning green on April 20th and again on May 29th.
The science behind it is that several planets are going to align and Earth's closest neighbour will change colour as the moon will be just 4 degrees from the green-hued planet Uranus in the sky, and will acquire a green sheen from the close interaction which will last for about 90 minutes.
The last time this happened was way back in the year 1596 apparently when Queen Elizabeth I enjoyed the view from the balcony of Richmond Palace.
Altogether it makes sense, the moon does turn red after all so why not green so if anybody asks say yes and let them stand outside in the cold for an hour and a half watching the grey moon stay grey while you watch the TV in peace.

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