Monday, 4 April 2016

Giving Up On NATO

NATO turns 67 today but it would a fair comment to ask since the Soviet Union ceased to exist in 1991, what exactly is it still knocking around for?
Since Gorby pulled the plug and the Berlin Wall fell over when Nirvana were in the charts, NATO has been at a bit of a loose end but instead of disbanding, the organization needed to justify its existence and fell upon the idea of 'humanitarian interventions'.
With nobody to keep the West safe from, the NATO that emerged from 1991 was less about maintaining the security of its members and more about Western aggression in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and in NATO’s most recent display of its commitment to peace, called for the implementation of a no-fly zone in Libya and then proceeded to bomb it.
Since 2013 NATO's previous enemy has been shifted back into the gun sights, over-hyping a Russian threat and building up Vladimir Putin as a bogeyman to keep us safe from, telling us that has been on the verge of invading it's neighbours for about the past two years now.
US presidential candidate Donald Trump is a babbling idiot but even he considers NATO 'obsolete' and he is is right, it is and has been for a while.
Today NATO exists for no good reason, imagining threats where none exist to justify its continuing existence but it’s time to call it a day, NATO is not needed and it should lower its flag and trundle off into the sunset.

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