Saturday, 23 April 2016

That River Is A Fire Hazard!

Fracking along the Condamine River in Queensland, Australia has long troubled the local community and after the visit of Australian MP Jeremy Buckingham they are terrified as he threw in a match and the river full of pollutants exploded.    
Locals suspected that methane was seeping into the water from the fracking wells spread along the Queensland river and the leakage has gained in intensity since operations grew in volume.
MP Jeremy Buckingham travelled to the area to investigate and in that time honoured tradition of checking if something is flammable, he put a flame to it.
'I was shocked by the force of the explosion' he said after checking if he still had his eyebrows before describing how it happily burnt for over an hour.
Locals first noticed methane bubbling into their waterways in 2012 close to where fracking wells had been drilling and as more and more fracking wells have began fracking along the river, the bubbling has intensified and is spreading to a greater length of the river.
Quite rightly the locals are worried about their drinking water as more and more evidence is shown that fracking not only caused earthquakes in local areas but contaminates the water supply but in a brilliant piece of understatement one local watching the fire, scratched his head and said to camera 'It's a river, it shouldn't be doing that'.
Indeed Sir, you shouldn't be able to set water on fire but it's further proof that fracking is not good for us or the environment and will not only cause the earth to shift beneath our feet but also poison our water.
On the plus side though if it turns a bit chilly we can always set fire to our rivers to keep warm.

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