Monday, 11 April 2016

Cameron's Tax Nightmare

So now we know that David Cameron wasn't playing dodgy with his offshore arrangements to avoid paying tax, he was demonstrating good 'wealth management'.
The Prime Minister is having a nightmare trying to wiggle out of how how he avoided paying tax on the money that was 'hidden' away, first trying to ignore it, then releasing five press statements in four days which ranged from it being a 'private matter' to the final 'i received £300,000 from the Trust' but now he has reached for the last straw, the emotional.
Cameron accused critics of his financial affairs of trashing the memory of his 'hardworking and wonderful dad' with the 'deeply hurtful and profoundly untrue allegations made against my father'.
Luckily, the House of Commons didn't fall for it and carried on harassing him, Labour leader Jeremy Corben questioning him on the £72,000 worth of shares he sold and if that was also the result of offshore tax havens.
The Labour MP, Dennis Skinner, was then thrown out of the Commons for refusing to withdraw his description of the Prime Minister as 'dodgy Dave'.
To further complicate matters for the PM, the man overseeing the official enquiry into any wrongdoing arising from the Panama Papers tax leaks was a former partner at the law firm that acted for Blairmore Holdings, the Panama-registered fund created by David Cameron’s father, and other offshore companies named in the leak.
Cameron is really having a nightmare and after what he has done to the country with his ideologically driven austerity measures, it's brilliant to see him up against it and twisting so badly in the wind and it is a toss up between his legacy being his dodgy tax avoidance or his lewd pig antics.

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