Sunday, 17 April 2016

Nice To Meet You Obama

President Obama arrives in Britain this week and he is in for a busy time as his schedule includes
wishing the Queen a happy 90th, chatting with David Cameron about Syria and Islamic State (not Libya though) and trying to dissuade us Brits from leaving the European Union.
Obama went from hero to zero a long time ago in Europe so it will be interesting to see if anyone listens or actually cares what Obama thinks any more, especially the Brexiters who have already made it known that they don't want him here, Boris Johnson launching a pre-emptive attack on the Americans 'naked hypocrisy' over their refusal to sign up to the International Criminal Court.
I'm not sure if we should be taking advice from someone whose country is currently running a deficit of $19 trillion but David Cameron needs something to divert the attention away from his dodgy tax dealings and he is doing untold damage to the EU Remain campaign just by having his name attached to it so come over Obama and be a distraction.   
I can't guarantee you won't have people shouting at you for Libya, drones etc but at least you won't get the same reception the last US President got, he got tens of thousands people out to greet him, all with banners and some with eggs.

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