Sunday, 3 April 2016

Bicycle Ridin'

The government have a plan to get more people cycling in Britain and will spend £316m over the next five years by creating more bicycle lanes and bicycle shelters.
The UK's largest cycling charity, Cyclists Touring Club, are not impressed though, saying more is needed to be done to bring us up to the standard of the country with the best cycling facilities the Netherlands saying that: 'The UK lags 200 years behind the Dutch on cycling'.
My calendar shows the year is 2016, Wikipedia shows the first bicycle was invented in 1817 so according to the Cyclists Touring Club in cycling terms we are at the level of 1716 when we were gazing at two wheels, a chain and a couple of pedals and saying 'well i'm buggered if i know what to do with it'.
Obviously, as i narrowly manage to avoid killing several cyclists each day as they weeve around me we have moved on from that stage so either the Cyclist Touring Club have been wearing their helmets too tight or the Dutch were careering around Amsterdam on bicycles in 1716 narrowly avoiding handcarts and flicking v signs at horse and cart drivers.
Maybe someone at the Cyclists Touring Club should spend less time squeezing into too tight Lycra shorts and worrying about tightening their dust caps and spend more on working out how a calendar works.


Keep Life Simple said...

Is wheeve the same as weave?

Falling on a bruise said...

Not when a cyclist is doing it.