Saturday, 23 April 2016

EU Campaign Celebrity Endorsements

If you wanted advice on field settings on a turning pitch during a one day cricket international then Ian Botham is probably the man to ask but he wouldn't be the first choice to turn to if you needed assurance on trade arrangements with the EU whilst pursuing large-scale deregulation at home but nevertheless he feels it is his duty to wade into the EU campaign and tell us that Brexit is the way to vote.
It is not just the batting hero wagging a finger at us, there is a host of celebrity endorsements for both sides joining the debate who are assuming that their intervention will help move the needle in their direction.
Leaving or staying is not an easy decision so we can either weigh up the pros and cons and come to a reasoned decision based on economics, trade and security or we can just go along with what that actress from Dynasty says.
So if your decision making is based on what celebrities think then on the remain side we have Karren Brady, Richard Branson, Alan Sugar, Barack Obama, Billy Bragg, Jeremy Clarkson, Garth Crooks, Eddie Izzard, Sandie Shaw, Emma Thompson, Robert Winston and Stephen Hawking.
The Leave campaign have an equally eager squad of celebrities which include Bernie Ecclestone, Rupert Murdoch, Theo Paphitis, Ian Botham, Michael Caine, Sol Campbell, Joan Collins, Frederick Forsyth, Peter Hitchens, Katie Hopkins and Donald Trump.
It's a toughie because on the one hand the lady who won the 1967 Eurovision Song Contest is saying we should stay in the EU but then again the former Arsenal and England defender is telling us to pull the plug and bail out.   
Personally i think the most sensible plan is to sit tight and not commit either way until we find out which way the winner of Britain's Got Talent is going to vote.

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