Friday, 1 April 2016

0104 Club

I'm not really sure how it started back in the 90s but today is the annual meeting of the 0104 Club, those of us born on the 1st April.
Originally it was Chris Evans, Philip Schofield and i who would meet up in the same coffee house, have a couple of lattes, shoot the breeze and then go back to our lives and agree to meet up at the same time, same place next year.
Since the original founding of the 0104 Club, we have added Susan Boyle, David Gower and Jimmy Cliff who is a sometimes mocha drinker if he is in the country at the time.  
Another 0104 Club tradition is that George, the cafe owner, will play Marvin Gaye on the cafe sound system to mark the passing of Marvin Gaye on this day in 1984.  
If you happen to be passing a cafe this afternoon and you hear the strains of 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine' and see a group of people slurping latte's and laughing raucously, pop over and say hi and if you are celebrating a birthday tomorrow, pull up a chair and the coffee's on Susan, almost literally last year.