Friday, 29 April 2016

Reintroducing Predators To UK

The campaign to reintroduce wild animals including wolves, lynx, beavers and wild boar has gone up a notch as part of the plan to restore species hunted to extinction.
Plans put together by Re-wilding Britain would see the animals roaming parts of the UK in an attempt to improve biodiversity.
Spokeswoman Susan Wright said: 'These are important keystone species which actually drive ecological processes and we should be looking a lot more seriously at bringing these animals back'.
Sounds a great idea at first but then when you think about it, do we really want to reintroduce predators such as Lynx and Wolves back into our wildlife, the farmers are already bleating about foxes attacking their livestock, i can't think they would be happy about opportunistic predators such as the Lynx bothering their sheep and if a pack of wolves decide lamb or chicken was on the menu it will be carnage.
Secondly, they were hunted to extinction the last time they were here and idiot hunters will be wetting themselves in the excitement at the thought of bagging a Wolf in their own backyard.
I would say leave things alone, we cannot know what we would unleash on our current wildlife if we reintroduced dangerous species which have not been native here for centuries but what is certain is, just like the booming urban fox population, they won't stay in the woods and forests when there are such rich and easier pickings in our towns and cities.

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