Friday, 8 April 2016

The Truth Finally From Cameron

It went along the lines of no, no, no, no, okay yes then so finally we get to the bottom of David Cameron's father off shore tax affairs, not illegal, but dodgy as hell. 
Apart from the fact that he tried to hide the fact that he was a holder of shares in the trust set up abroad in order to avoid paying UK Tax and cashing them in to earn himself a cool £30,000, Cameron is now damaged goods and he is leading the 'Stay In Europe' Campaign.
A majority of Britons, some 57%, trust Prime Minister David Cameron less now than they did a week ago, a Sky Data Snap Poll reveals.
There are also questions about the PM's inheritance of £300,000 from his father which all means that throw in the awfully handled steel crisis and Budget U-turns, Mr Cameron faces a massive problem of trust which the 'out' campaign are already trading on and could well skewer the EU referendum which could become a vote on Cameron rather than whether we stay in or leave Europe.
The truth had to be dragged out of him over the course of a week after many denials and half truths and he caved in because he had no choice so you do wonder what else is he hiding, what else will have to be dragged out of him and it throws into question his already shaky credibility as Prime Minister.
He probably won't step down as Prime Minister, the candidates to take over are just as illusionary right wing as him, but he should step down from leading the 'Out' campaign because this may well lose it for us.


Keep Life Simple said...

Why should he step down because of his father's actions?

Why should he be held to a higher standard about truth than others? The left ignore the lies of Bill Clinton, Hillary, Obama. Why shouldn't the liars on the left face the same consequences?

Keep Life Simple said...

And the botched steel crisis is a rounding error compared to what Obama has done to American debt and American jobs too.

Falling on a bruise said...

Because although he never outright lied, he 'misled' over something which he has spent five years describing as immoral and should be banned. Hypocritical indeed so he should be held to a higher standard because he should be above question when it comes to tax avoidance as he is the person who is leading the fight against people avoiding tax.
A rounding error that could throw over 5,000 out of work and end an industry.

Keep Life Simple said...

Yeah, we have millions that arent even looking for work anymore