Saturday, 30 April 2016

Come Back Nick!

Between 2010 and 2014 it was widely believed that the Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government were just there to make the nasty party look nicer, a claim they denied and stated that what they were actually doing was stopping the Conservatives from imposing some of the most draconian policies that even Margaret Thatcher turned down as 'a step too far'.
We mocked them at the time but it seems they were right because since the Conservatives have been the majority party, they have been shredding everyone and everything in a ideological blitz.
The junior doctors have been so incensed at the Government that they have staged the largest strike since the NHS was founded joining a list public servants including Tax collectors, train drivers, head teachers and driving examiners who have decided to withdraw their labour in protest and now the teachers appear to be set to strike over the Governments plans to make all schools academies.
'For a long time we've been bribed, we've been threatened, we've been blackmailed and we've been punished. We have no further means other than to say an absolute no - you can't do this to us' said one delegate at the Teachers Conference so it seems the Conservatives have another battle on their hands as they tick off large swathes of the country.
Who would have thought that we would be longing for the good old days of Nick Clegg and his Lib Dems in Government.

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