Friday, 29 April 2016

Red Ken And The Israelites

Ken Livingstone's comments about Hitler being a zionist before 'he went mad and killed 6 million of them' was not only bizarre but highly offensive and it is quite right that he has been suspended from the Labour Party.
What it has also bought forth is the view that the left is a bunch of rabid anti-Semites and has quickly turned into the expression that when the left criticise Israel, they are displaying their real hatred towards Jews.
Nonsense argument of course and a well worn way to shut down any criticism of Israel when it bully's, subjugates and murders its Palestinians neighbour and that is the danger.
I was once told that to attack Israel is to attack Jews because Israel is the only country where Judaism is the main religion, my response was if that is the case then any attack on England is an attack on the Church of England because we are the only CoE country.
The next time Israel attacks Palestine, and they will, the left should not be shut down by cries of anti-semitism, to criticise Israel for its actions as we criticise Russia or America or Britain if they did the same is not the same as criticising Jews.
Ken Livingstone was wrong to say what he did but it is equally wrong to meekly remain silent while Israel continues to starve and kill Palestinians while continuing to violently colonise their land in one of the greatest genocides since the 2nd World War when real anti-semitism was on display.

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