Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Trump v Clinton: Down To The Last Two

It seems now that it is going to be Trump v Clinton going head to head for the keys to the White House and after almost clinching the Republican nomination, Trump is to give a speech detailing his foreign policy.
Does make you wonder what a sexist, racist right wing nutter would come up with but the strange haired front runner has already spouted much regarding what he would do if he takes charge, and none of it is good.
Mexico would be handed a bill for the massive wall he plans to build across their border and turn the full force of the American military against Islamic State, obviously because that has worked so well elsewhere in that region .
He would make China stop undervaluing their currency although he hasn't said how he would 'make' them do it.
He did say that he would only use America's nuclear arsenal as a last step but would encourage South Korea and Japan to develop their own nukes which would allow him to withdraw troops stationed there or make the two countries contribute more to keeping them there.
He would also withdraw from NATO and increase torture of individuals suspected of terrorism but to stay inside the law, change the law to allow torture.  
I'm sure he will enlighten us soon enough with how else he will make an American foreign policy that will throw even more petrol onto the fire they jointly started with the UK over a decade ago.
Thankfully, it seems he is as disliked by Republicans as he is by the opposition so even a flawed individual like Hillary Clinton should roll over him but then we said that about the last right wing nutter trying for office, George W Bush, who got elected back into office after killing hundreds of thousands so i wouldn't be hanging up my 'Trump for President' t-shirt just yet.

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