Friday, 1 April 2016

Bit Late Obama

You can always tell when an American President is coming to the end of their tenure as they start doing stuff that they said they would do when they first got his hands on the White House keys which is why Obama is running around making friends with Cuba and now trying to rid the World of nuclear weapons.
Joined by leaders from more than 50 countries in Washington DC, Obama is chairing the two day 'Nuclear Security Summit' but Russia and Pakistan are staying away which is like holding an A-Team convention and not inviting Mr T.
On the eve of the conference, Mr Obama has urged Moscow to reduce its 8,000 nuclear weapons stockpile which isn't likely as America has 7,700 of its own and the Nobel Peace Prize winner has approved a $1 trillion plan to build a whole new generation of nuclear-armed submarines, missiles, bombers and warheads.
UK Prime Minister David Cameron is there to offer British expertise in helping countries protect their civil nuclear installations and i assume offer advice on how to make the case for spending £130bn on nuclear weapons while introducing severe austerity measures to pay for them.
A nuclear free World is a noble cause, such a shame that it has come at the fag end of Obama's Presidency instead of pushing for it seven years ago when it might have actually led to something.  

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Keep Life Simple said...

Since MAD there have been no major wars (aka WW1 WW2) and the total deaths due to war are much lower than historically. Could be coincidence. Could be causal.