Sunday, 31 July 2016

Australia On The Move North

Australia doesn't seem to particularly like being where the tectonic plates put it, it plays International football in the Asian league, participates in the Eurovison Song Contest and at the first opportunity they all come over to the UK to serve us warm, weak lager.
Luckily for them, Australia is drifting North at a rate of 7cm a year and in time will scoop up Papau New Guinea, Indonesia and the Philippines and amidst much of that famous Aussie whinging, will crash headlong into China. 
Australia is moving North due to tectonic plate movements and it is playing havoc with Aussie Sat Navs which are currently out by 1.5 meters resulting in Australian drivers ending up in creeks and billabongs. Probably. 
The Geocentric Datum of Australia, the country's local co-ordinate system, was last updated in 1994 and will compensate by shifting the countries longitude and latitude upwards by 1.8 meters so by 2020 they should all be fair dinkum.
The time it takes for Australia to drift the 4600 miles to land at Asia's doorstep should also give China enough time to come up with a strategy to deflect the continent away because to be fair, 23 million Aussies turning up and asking directions to the nearest watering hole is a bit much for any country.

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