Sunday, 24 July 2016

Physical Books Resurgent

The death of the physical book have been greatly exaggerated as book sales have rocketed by four million this year, the first rise in sales since 2007, while digital book sales dropped for the first time since 2011.
I own a kindle and use it often but have always preferred to have the physical version which i can hold in my hand and place on the bookshelf and it seems that enjoyment is returning for many others also.
It helps that bookshops have moved with the times and most now incorporate a coffee shop and seated area so you can peruse the books on offer and sip at a latte but i would take a stab that the main reason is due to the Government closing so many libraries in it's fit of austerity that readers are finding it harder to loan books now so are buying them instead. 
So far this year 85 million printed books have been purchased and if i ever get around to writing up some of the novel outlines i have in the 'Books' folder on my desktop, i hope to join in the surge for book lovers.

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