Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Things To Do By 11 3/4

To quote Alice Cooper, School's out for Summer and from what i have seen most children have been running around holding their mobile phones and looking for Pokemon.
The National Trust has issued a list of 50 things you should do before you are 11 3/4 and there is no mention of capturing a Bulbasaur or training a Golbat but it does take me back to my carefree younger days when the only Drowzee we knew was Grandad and a Jigglypuff was the fat wheezy kid from down the road.
I' m 47 1/2 and i am proud to say that i can tick off 49 of the 50, the 'Catch a fish with a net' continues to elude me but although i may not have done them by 11 3/4, I have done the following:          
Climb a tree
Roll down a really big hill
Camp outside
Build a den
Skim a stone
Run around in the rain
Fly a kite
Eat an apple straight from a tree
Play conkers
Go on a really long bike ride
Dam a stream
Make a daisy chain
Play pooh sticks
Jump over waves
Pick blackberries growing in the wild
Make a grass trumpet
Go star gazing
Climb a huge hill
Catch a falling leaf
Go swimming in the sea
Build a raft
Go bird watching
Cook on a campfire

The full list is at the National Trust page.


Keep Life Simple said...

Left off a lot of things from the USA list.

Keep Life Simple said...

My personal list is over 600, with around 400 completed. Many require extensive prep and commitment.

Falling on a bruise said...

Where is the USA list? This is aimed at kids aged under 11 3/4 so prep and commitment probably isn't in abundance.

Keep Life Simple said...

There are many lists like this, usually intended for adults, but often teens as well