Sunday, 31 July 2016

Google Saying Arise President Clinton

My neighbour tells me she is psychic and she has an eerily solid record of telling me the things she had predicted after they have happened while her record of telling me things before they happen is not quite so hot which is probably why she hasn't lumped her life savings on a sure thing and is presently living on a tropical island being fed peeled grapes by hunky natives dressed only in pants made of palm leaves.
If she can't do it and has over 20 years experience of telling people she can, how can we?
Think of me as that shady shady character sidling up alongside you and whispering 'ere, wanna know who is gonna win the 2016 election in America'?
Quite rightly you would tap your watch and quickly walk away but you would be a fool because i have something that has correctly predicted almost every every major election since 2004 and has a 100% record with American elections.
Begin looking up hunky grape peelers in the telephone directory because although no system is 100% accurate, it has an unerringly accurate record in predicting who was going to win in almost every country that holds an election from America to Australia and from Venezuela to France via Serbia, Egypt and Mexico.
So what is this money making miracle? It's Google.
Right up until last year, Google Trends had an unblemished record in predicting the winner of major elections but then it went and gave a thumping win to Ed Miliband and the Labour Party only to see it decimated and the Conservative Party romp to victory.
With that awful result acting as a warning, at the moment Google Trends is showing a stonking win for Donald Trump (55) over Hillary Clinton (43) but if the parameters are changed to just the surnames Trump and Clinton as per usual, Clinton strides home with room to spare 58 to 43. 
As it stands Hillary is flipping Trump the bird and saying cram it with walnuts fatty but these things change and we will revisit it closer to the time but at the moment it is arise Madam Clinton or whatever they say over there.

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