Thursday, 14 July 2016

Female Yes But Still A Tory

I'm as much a feminist as the next womb carrying human but i refuse to join in the 'Theresa May will be great because she is a woman' movement that seems to have gripped many formerly sane ladies.
What many seem to overlook is that she may have a couple of matching chromosomes but she is still a Tory and is an advocate of all the nasty things Tories stand for such as austerity, privatising anything that isn't nailed down and generally kicking anyone who isn't a rich white person.
Margaret Thatcher's loathsome reputation was well deserved and the current crop of Conservatives that she has drafted into the Cabinet are even further to the right then she was and now have the cover of Brexit to impose even more severe austerity and cutbacks.
I hope she does turn out to be brilliant and she does stick with her promise to: 'share economic opportunity beyond the privileged few' which is as close to a denouncement of David Cameron's awful efforts as you can get without actually saying it but looking at what she has done so far, and the people she is surrounding herself with, i'm not holding my breath.

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Keep Life Simple said...

The normal human condition is poverty (historical). Occasionally a few people emerge from the poverty. But correct-minded people will quickly step up to eliminate those people and return everybody back to the normal human state of abject poverty.