Thursday, 14 July 2016

England Down To 13th In FIFA Ranking

The new FIFA World rankings are out and England slide down to 13th and Wales leapfrog us into 11th place but no surprises that Argentina are the best team in the World.
As England set about inviting another manager to make his butt groove in the chair vacated by Roy Hodgson, the FA will be looking for friendly matches for either the main candidates Jurgen Klinnsman to introduce his intricate style of passing football or Sam Allardyce to get his team to smash the ball around the pitch aimlessly for 90 minutes.   
Obviously, with the humiliation of being on the receiving end of an Icelandic shellacking fresh in the memory, the FA will avoid playing anyone any good so the slider at the side of the browser at the FIFA website will be rolled down to the bottom of the page to see who occupies the last few places.
In joint 205th place and officially the worst teams in World Football are Anguilla, Bahamas, Djibouti, Eritrea, Somali and Tonga so let's get Nuku Ľalofa on the blower and show them Tongan's just why England have a single gold star above our badge earned 50 years ago with home advantage and a dodgy Russian linesman.
Don't mess with us Tonga and what are you looking at Anguilla, you want a piece of us too??

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