Wednesday, 20 July 2016

It's Trump!!

The inevitable has finally been confirmed. After months of campaigning, racist rhetoric and plagiarized speeches, Donald J Trump has been officially named as the Republican candidate for president.
Although nobody expected him to get this far, the smart money is on Hillary Clinton dragging hubby Bill and her secret e-mail server into the White House in November and the Trumpster going back to spending his fathers inheritance money on Scottish golf courses.
The irony is that if the Republicans had elected almost anyone else, they would have a shot at beating Hillary who is the second least popular candidate ever, only beaten by Donald himself.
While Trump has been going on about Mexicans being rapists and banning Muslims from the States, Hillary has been outed as such a spinner of yarns that even Hans Christian Anderson would be impressed.
What it all means is that whoever America chooses, they are getting a wrong'un as they say over here and the handcart directed towards Hell that we are currently all in will be going just that bit quicker.

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