Sunday, 17 July 2016

Israel Even More Unloved Than It Thought

The Israeli Government are in a sulk once again as a 33% of Americans and 40% of those in the UK support boycotting Israel according to a recent poll. The survey has rattled the Israelis who says those favouring the boycott were spreading 'an ideology of hate'.
The research was commissioned by the World Jewish Congress and conducted by Ipsos, to find out just how much support the growing movement of boycotting Israeli goods and services over its behaviour towards it Palestinians neighbours had.
Turns out amongst it's strongest allies, the USA and UK, it's continued punitive actions against the Palestinians is losing it support.
The boycott has already had an impact on the Israeli economy, with a reported 5% being shaved off its annual export income. 
I have long returned anything to the shelf which had 'Produce of Israel' and will continue to do so until Israel stops its actions but that won't happen until America stops bankrolling one of the greatest atrocities and human right abuses since the 2nd World War and it is heartening that a third of Americans now also feel the same way.

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