Saturday, 9 July 2016


I have always thought that the reason Governments don't hold more referendums and to give us a say on some policies is because they know they wouldn't like the answer, hence the one time they did ask us what we think we committed economic suicide by jumping out of the EU.
The next vote on the agenda comes on the 18th of this month and is on whether to renew our nuclear arsenal but this time the MP's aren't asking us, they are keeping that decision amongst themselves and it is highly unlikely that we will be waving goodbye to our expensive nuclear toy like we did the single market.
It is hard to think in a time of austerity, when they are slashing and cutting everything to save money, the Government keep on pumping billions into keeping our nuclear arsenal while the odds of us being attacked by one of the other six nuclear powers is so remote to be negligible.
The only possible justification anyone could make for remaining a nuclear power is the deterrent factor but that argument left the building a long time ago when the Soviet Union ceased to exist and terrorist cells, infuriatingly unbowed by our big, shiny nuclear missiles, became the focus.
While it is true that we don't know what the future brings, it is also true that while we are making people redundant and closing public services, it seems folly to pay out the £133 billion required for something just because of some event that is unlikely to happen at some unspecified time in the future.
By scrapping Trident, we could free up enough to make things very much more comfortable because i don't know how much a comfort it is that we have nuclear missiles when you are clearing out your desk as your firm has gone bust but i wouldn't have thought it crossed the minds of many people while they are signing on.
I would like to think if David Cameron asked us if we would prefer he spend £133bn on a patently useless weapon or spend the £133bn building hospitals or schools he would be concreting over the silos by the weekend.
And that's why we won't get a choice of whether to keep or scrap it.

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