Thursday, 7 July 2016

Pass The Cake

On the same day that we are told 80,000 finance jobs will be making the short hop across the channel to the Eu zone, we are told that items such as computers, coffee and chocolate will be going up.
What? Prices going up? This can't be! We were told we are a great trading nation looking outwards after freeing ourselves from the decaying eurozone and saving £350 million for the NHS.
Why isn't everything getting better?
After the 'it's all those foreign types coming over here and claiming benefits' argument, many of the 52% of Brexiter's said they voted for change because it can't get any worse.
Seems they are going to soon start discovering that things certainly can and will.
'Let them eat cake' is the phrase attributed to Marie Antoinette when France went down the pan so we may have to dig deep and break out the Victoria Sandwich (just not the chocolate type obviously).

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