Sunday, 10 July 2016

There's Another Club Britain Can Leave

Some of the top arguments for coming out of the EU was due to the amount it costs us each year and how we are told what to do by unelected officials.
The £12 billion a year figure we hand to the EU for membership was quickly dismissed as the figure was closer to £5 billion once the amount we receive back in rebates is included and the 73 MEP's we elected to the EU (you do remember voting for them, don't you?) waved their arms about shouting 'What are we, chopped liver?' whenever the unelected officials bit cropped up. 
So we are out of the EU but we are still a member of an even larger group which certainly does cost us a fortune each year and really is run by unelected officials, NATO.
Members of the NATO club are obliged to spend 2% of their GDP on defence which means it costs Britain £36 billion each year or approximately £692 million a week and we don't get any rebates on that amount, it goes into NATO coffers to buy tanks and bullets. 
Then there are the military, political, economic, and legal requirements each candidate state must meet that have been set by NATO for continued membership.
Each member must have a stable democratic systems, pursue the peaceful settlement of territorial and ethnic disputes, have good relations with their neighbours, show commitment to the rule of law and human rights, establish democratic and civilian control of their armed forces, and have a market economy.
Countries have to ensure the security of sensitive information according to NATO standards but the most important factor is if any of the 28 NATO members are attacked, we are obliged to go to war as was tripped after the 9/11 terrorist attacks against the United States and used to attack Afghanistan.  
So unlike the EU, NATO doesn't create any jobs, costs us 6 times more than we paid to the EU, has no benefits to our economy and is run by unelected officials who dictate legal, economic and military requirements to us, so when's the referendum?

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