Sunday, 17 July 2016

Pokemon Go Everywhere Except Windows Phones

Last Friday i was sat on a train and could hear two young voices in the seats behind me talking about a game called Pokemon Go, a phone app that allows the user to wander around capturing Pokemon in the real World.
From first hearing it and in the space of a week it has gone crazy and you can't move for youngsters waving around their mobiles looking for a Jigglypuff or a Pikachu.
Sat outside our cafe this morning, a large group of youths stopped to capture one that was close-by and walking through the town centre afterwards it was dodging people suddenly stopping infront of you because they have caught sight of a Weezing, Gengar or Drowzee.
As a Windows Phone user i couldn't download it even if i wanted to but i think it's great as it gets children (and adults) outside and not stuck inside on their consoles or phones.
Of course there are dangers and Pokemon hunters have been warned not to play the game while driving after several drivers reportedly crashed while trying to catch Pokémon.
'Please remember that your safety comes before catching that Drowzee or Squirtle!' a statement from the police said so be more Metagross and less Zubat and stay safe but as the gimmick is pretty simple and pretty brilliant, I expect to see a plethora of like games hitting the app stores this summer, only not on Windows Phones obviously.

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