Friday, 15 July 2016

France Bears Terrorist Brunt Again

Horrific scenes from France yet again as 31 year old Tunisian-French terrorist Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, murders a large number of innocent members of the public going about their everyday lives.
Islamic State and Al Quaeda may be losing its territory in Syria and Iraq but the group's European supporters are frighteningly effective as the death toll climbs to 84 with over two hundred injured, 54 of those critically.
The obvious question is that although many countries in Europe have suffered terrorist attacks, why is France the gruesome recipient of the brunt of them.
One reason put forward is that France has a larger amount of radicalised Muslims, over 600 French citizens or residents are known to be in Iraq or Syria, who either have returned from the Middle East or have come under the influence of other radicalised Muslims and who then have the motivation, however wrongheaded, to attack the country where they live.
The concern is now that a determined and deluded individual will follow the 31 year old Tunisian-French terrorist's example and no longer have to worry themselves with bringing bomb equipment or powerful guns into the country when he has shown that they can kill such a large number with something as everyday as a lorry hired locally.


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Applying crazy gun nut logic?