Thursday, 7 July 2016

Best Time To Bury Bad News

The best time to bury bad news is always when everyone is looking the other way so with the Brexit vote followed by the Chilcot reporting dominating the news over the past few weeks, what stories have been slipped out under the radar?

The United Nations announced that the Conservatives austerity policies breach international human rights obligations and have had 'a disproportionate adverse impact on the most marginalised and disadvantaged: children, disabled people, and low-income families' resulting in 'exceptionally high levels of homelessness, food banks, and persistent inequality'.
Phew, lucky for the Government nobody noticed that one.  

The number of children living in poverty has jumped by 200,000 in a year, according to the latest official data, with the rise meaning 3.9 million children are now living below the breadline in the UK.
Nobody looking, quick, Boris has announced he isn't running for Tory leader.

An estimated half a million women will have their state pension delayed as part of the austerity drive to save £30 billion.
Hmmm, this one is sure to be controversial if only...England just lost to Iceland, Go Go Go. 

Due to the £85 million austerity cuts to the NHS which has forced the closure of child and adolescent mental health clinics, four in five children with mental health problems are being denied access to the treatment they urgently need according to new NHS figures. Cases of children self-harming, become suicidal or dropping out of school has risen asa consequence.
What time is the Chilcot report released? Give it ten minutes after that.

Ok guys, i think we got away with it, just smile and change the subject if anybody asks any awkward questions about the growing food bank lines, starving and suicidal children or female pensioners asking where their state pension is.

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