Sunday, 3 July 2016

Conflating Corbyn's Anti-Semitism Speech

The knives are out for Jeremy Corbyn and they have been plunged in once again over his comment regarding anti-semitism in the Labour Party.
The shadow leader said that attacking all Jews for what Israel did was wrong as was targeting all Muslims for what Islamic State does.
I can't see anything wrong with that, i have said exactly the same here many times when Synagogues where being vandalised and Jews attacked in the street while Israeli attacks on Palestine were ongoing.
The anti-Corbyn media immediately piled on saying that he was drawing a parallel between Israel and the Islamic State. The Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev apparently had no problem with what Jeremy Corbyn said and i fail to see why he should, Corbyn didn't draw any parallels between the two except to say that to target members of a religion because of the actions of others who they have no influence or control over is wrong.
The less intelligent among us will continue to take it upon themselves to act their shoe size and attack Jews in retaliation for Israels actions as they will carry on attacking Muslims for Islamic State's actions and both is appalling but then so is the right wing media outlets with a grudge against the Labour leader conflating his words into something it obviously wasn't.

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